The last two weeks on Instagram…

I forgot to do the week before, so I will do January 14-20 first…

I haven’t seen the deer in a bit…so I was excited when I saw them. The weird thing was…they wouldn’t move…which worried me cause I started worrying that they might attack me for disturbing their meal time. Luckily for me, they didn’t care about me. They can’t eat me. So they side glanced me, then resumed their eating. But it was amusing. I haven’t been this close to the deer since my Safari, or Marine Land days.

I went to Chapters at Runnymede. The Chapters there is housed in an old cinema (pictures here on google). Anyway that is where I got to see the Random House Rainbow Vintage collection in person. I want it…cause it looks gorgeous xD

Not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse. This is how I like my mornings... #utm#mississauga#universityoftoronto#library
Since my cold is still lingering about, I haven’t been able to sleep properly. This day I figured that if I can’t sleep, might as well go to school early and do some readings or something. Anyway, this is how I like my library, quite, and empty!

My SDM had #batiste#dryshampoo blush on clearance, so of course I hoarded :)
I went to SDM, and found these guys on clearance. They were $4 each, and there were 5 bottles. I only bought 3, but I wished I had bought them all lol

Dude! Where's my burger?! This is one of the reasons why I love eating at Five Guys. The fries are a meal themselves xD
I used my cold as an excuse to indulge in a Five Guys meal. I love eating here cause when you get fries, it is a meal in themselves. They take a huge scoop and just dump it in to the bag. Thus my burger is buried underneath all that lovely fries…

#happybirthday to my friend Ajay well stocked party of drinks that are new to me~
One of my high school friends celebrated his birthday on the weekend. So he hosted a house party. I got to try a few new drinks, and discovered a new love. The Barefoot Pinot Grigio was suggested by my friend, and well I found I REALLY liked it. And at $10 a bottle, a total steal for the taste.

Okay now January 21-27

My #utm#library view. #naptime#universityoftoronto
I was expecting a long day, so I took a nap at the UTM library. Slightly noisy, but got some sleep in.

. @joshduhamel at Toronto screening of #safehaven #nicholassparks I was too shy to get a picture but this was the best one I took of him w a fan
I got to see the Safe Haven Primere, and got to see both Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. Both lovely folks. I was too shy to take pictures with them, but this is one I took of Josh taking a picture with one of his fans.

#latergram #lip I wanted something to brighten up my morning yesterday~ #revlon#lovesick#naturerepublic
It was a gloomy day…so I thought it warranted a brighter lip~

Another #latergram late night dinner w @javz_ at Trimurti Queen St loved their #Naan
I posted this later, but this was my dinner with my friend at Trimurti. Yummy food. If you have a chance to check out their Lunch Buffet, I say do it!

Mom wanted to buy me dinner. Unfortunately with the really tight schedule we couldn’t fit something lavish in. However I wanted this, so it was a meal I enjoyed. It helped that mom and I had fun chatting about the cute office workers who came to eat there as well lol

Yet another #utmlibrary #utm #universityoftoronto shot. And yes...that "silent study zone" script does absolutely nothing >_<
I needed to get some studying done, so I made my way to school, despite it being my day off. The snow was falling and it looked lovely. Unfortunately the library was super loud, so I left >_<

This is what we do when we are told no forks or knives. #chopsticks baby! #cake#dufflet#awesome
I went out with friends, and a friend of mine bought a Dufflet lemon cake. Super yummy. Problem was that the place we were at could not spare forks or plates for the cake…sooo…we attacked it with our forks. Then my friend had a great idea of cutting it up with the fork, which makes it easier to pick up…twas good times :D

My #notd#sandwich w the most nasty lemon water from #nativa #sallyhansen#secrets#hologlitter#americanapparel#supernova#chinaglaze#innocence#nailpolish
NOTD. I did a sandwich. It is a harder to tell in the picture, but the glitter doesn’t really stand out as much as I layered a coat of China Glaze Innocence over it. I like it, milky looking, yet fun.


3 thoughts on “The last two weeks on Instagram…

  1. The Barefoot Pinot Grigio was a pleasant surprise for me. Was looking for some wine and figured the label was kinda cute (I’m a sucker for cute things). And it ended up tasting pretty good!

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