Getting to watch a free movie is always nice…

So I had an opportunity to go to the Safe Haven premiere earlier this week.

Well, I had a chance at getting tickets. When I got there, all the general admissions were already out, so I had to wait in the “Rush” line. I had arrived 45mins prior to the movie time, and had just missed it…well luckily my friend didn’t mind waiting around with me, and we were the first in line, so we did get tickets in the end.

Well, it was nice seeing Julianna Hough and Josh Duhamel in person. They stood nearly in front of me, as they posed for pictures with the fans. It was so amusing actually. As soon as they stepped in the doors, this Asian girl just ran up to Josh (past the security barrier) and screamed, “Can I get a picture Josh?!” when he said sure, she yelled at the security, “He said OKAY!” So they wouldn’t drag her off of Josh lol

Anyway, I kind of wanted to get pictures with them, but was a tad too shy. Didn’t help that my iPhone has been acting up, and isn’t taking pictures well in dim places. It used to perform decently…ah well.

. @joshduhamel at Toronto screening of #safehaven #nicholassparks I was too shy to get a picture but this was the best one I took of him w a fan
I got pictures of Josh taking a picture with a fan, who might I add, got at least 4 with him because he moved too quickly. Same with her friend. Was hard on the others who wanted to take pictures with him as well :T

I got this blurry picture of Julianne signing for people. The picture doesn’t capture it at all, but the dress was quite lovely on her. Just flowed right, and looked quite nice.

Once my friend and I got in to the theatre, we waited to see Josh and Julianne again.

Except, they said hi, and then left.


The papers said that they would be in attendance IN the audience…

But then again, there are many actor/actresses who don’t watch the final cut of their movies. I think it was Julianne who even said she had only seen it twice.

Just think that if they aren’t going to be in the audience, don’t pretend, and don’t save prime seats in the middle for them. Guess that is more on the PR than them though. They probably didn’t even know what was going on.


What did I think of Safe Haven?

First off, Josh’s character, Alex’s daughter Kristen (Mimi Kirkland) was AWESOME lol she was just too cute. Same with the son Josh (Noah Lomax). They did their parts well.

There were awkward parts in the movie, which I found out later that they were awkward because they were ad-libbed. Well I am hoping that the parts I found were awkward were ad-libbed, as there is no other excuse really for it.

However the backdrop of the town was lovely, and I did find that I wasn’t necessarily bored by the movie.

I do think you can tell just after the halfway point how the movie, or the main point, will end. At the very least, you will bring up a question to yourself about it, and then have it confirmed in the end. You won’t be sideswiped like the 6th Sense (yes, I made that mention. I mean COME ON, who the heck knew that before the last 15 minutes of the movie?! If you did…well…maybe I can blame my youth for not realizing it sooner lol).

At the Q&A, which again I wasn’t impressed with, as we were told everyone would have a fair chance in answering…except the individual from Kiss 92.5 wore heeled boots that wouldn’t let her run about, so she retracted her statement and stuck with the first few rows. Some people tried to move down closer, but was too late by then, as time had run out.

Anyway at the Q&A there was a lady who mentioned that this was one of the top 3 movies that made her cry.

Apparently she hasn’t seen many movies, as this would not even crack the top 10 for me. So just to compare, if you tried the first 10 minutes of UP (PIxar movie), I HIGHLY doubt you will cry for this. It wasn’t emotional in that way. It was just more of an, “aaaahhhh….awwww.” reaction.

So with this long entry, to sum up, I wouldn’t say that this is a awesome romantic movie. I probably wouldn’t say that it is a great romantic movie either. Just, okay. There were some parts that were done extremely well, but they didn’t really make up for the entire movie as a whole. I would also probably suggest against watching it full price. Either get tickets from campus ($9.50 for a ticket), or go on Tuesday. To be completely honest, despite being a Nicholas Sparks novel based movie, I probably wouldn’t have watch it, even if it came out on DVD. But hey, maybe it is cause I like sappier, cheesier things, like Sweet Home Alabama or the beginning of UP.

But hey, don’t let my view, one of many; stop you from checking it out. Josh was quite cute in it, in a scruffy looking way, so that was worth it for sure :P

Anyway it comes out February 14th if you wanted to know.

**I was not paid to write about this, and I won the opportunity to get
free tickets from a blog giveaway**

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