Oh Shiraz…how I do adore you…

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

I am not a true stranger to Face Atelier’s Lip Glaze, as I bought my first one at IMATS a few years back. I wrote about it HERE.

Well I say not a true stranger, as that was a frost finish, not something that I was really liking. However I really liked the formula, which is why I wanted to try out another, without shimmer.

Thus when I had the opportunity to snag one during the Makeup Mania Face Atelier Clearance Black Friday weekend sale, I did! I just regret that I couldn’t get my lazy butt out of bed hours earlier so I could have snagged more.

They originally retailed for $20US at MuM, and $24CAN on the Face Atelier’s website.

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Anyway, I know I shouldn’t have gotten more lip glosses, as I have a bunch I am still working on getting through, but for the price of $5US, I really REALLY couldn’t help it.

So what do I like about this?
First off, I can apply this to my rather badly weather beaten lips, dry, scaly, lips, and still have them moisturized, and smoothed out just by one application. It doesn’t restore all the flakiness, but it helps to alleviate what I did not do properly in the first place.

Second, I like that I can build it up a bit. I can sheer it out, or dab it on to thicken up the colour.
Third, I like the pigmentation on it. This goes with the second point, but being pigmented allows me to play around with it more to suit whatever situation I am in.

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze
One layer, pretty sheered out.

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze
Two layers

Face Atelier Shiraz Lip Glaze

Can this be kind of considered part of the Oxblood Trend?
I can’t believe I wrote that. The word just makes me :S because of the blood aspect to it. It isn’t that I am squeamish about blood, but rather the thought of slapping oxblood on my lips. Weird.

Anyway, I am a happy camper with Shiraz~ If you ever have an opportunity to check out their products, try playing around with this one :)


4 thoughts on “Oh Shiraz…how I do adore you…

    • That’s what I was thinking when u and sarah were discussing it~
      I was also trying to convince myself I didn’t need it cuz I had this one lol

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