Blush on some, highlighter on others…

…I am part of the latter group…

I took these ages, ago…but never got around to posting about it. I received this as part of a gift from my dear friend DA/Y Unni awhile back.

I was excited to play around with this, as purple-ish blushes like this were really big in Korea. It’s supposed to give you a more youthful flush to the cheeks.

Since I’m getting on in the years, that is what I need!

Unfortunately I also need a lighter complexion to go along with it…but that’s okay.

Me:Ex Blusher

Me:Ex Blusher

Me:Ex Blusher
I love that the pan can easily pop out.

Me:Ex Blusher

4.5grams of product, for about $5CAN? Not too shabby I say.

It seems chalky when you swipe with your finger, but that isn’t to say that is the same on the face. It doesn’t look chalky at all. On me, it is more of a highlighter/brightener, rather than the youthful glow that others with lighter skin would get, but I love it the way it works for me.

Me:Ex Blusher
You can see the product down the vein on my hand, on the right side

There are 10 other colours in the line, and you can see some of them HERE on the Korean Website. I wish they had a customer contributions page, where people could upload their own product pictures. I think that is what I like about Missha’s website.

Anyway, that’s the Korean product intro for the week~ Hope that the day has been starting out well for you.

I won free screening tickets from Jenn @ Spiced Beauty, and will hopefully get a seat today. It will be a great way to start off this special week for me, so I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity :)



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