Layer it up dudes!


Ever had an event when you bought a lip product because you thought it was gorgeous on others, or in person…only to realize, when you try it on, that it doesn’t quite fit you for some reason? (that intro was so horribly written that I laughed)

That, for me was Jezebel for me.

It is such a lovely colour, and I have seen it look great on many others. However, for one reason or another, I didn’t like it on me. But that would be a dang shame, as they are just so nice on the lips (texture wise, and well the moisturization department.)

Well I thought I would wear it out one day, despite the issues, and thought it looked a little too matte that day. To fix that, I layered a cremesheen on top.

Layering LIp Prodcuts
Layering LIp Prodcuts
Layering LIp Prodcuts

Layering LIp Prodcuts
Left with Cremesheen, Right side just Marcelle Jezebel

That warmed up the lip for me, and made it suit me better!

A huge “Duh!” moment for me.

A little bit of a cheat, I know, but now I can wear it out a bit more.

I know that layering a gloss isn’t a new concept, but this was just something I used to make a product that initially didn’t work for me, work for me. So the next time you come across a lippie that for some reason didn’t suit you…try layering something to warm it up, or cool it down, and see if that works for you~

Well that is enough out of me.
If you read my “Mini Update” post…thank you :) I will have it posted by the end of January. Again only current followers on Twitter, Instagram, FB, or commenters will gain entry into it, so make sure you do. (For those who did, Hello! xD) It isn’t a big thing…but just something to say thanks really~^^ I’ll share more soon!


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