Last week on Instagram…

Totally forgot to do this…

So though a few days late, and only 4 pictures, as I was sick…enjoy~
ps thank you for the well wishes on getting better. I’m getting there. A few coughing fits that make me leave lectures at times…but no more fevers so yay! :)

I usually dislike #salad..but this was all I was #craving today w vinegar, soy sauce & chili flakes
I usually don’t like salad. Unless its Greek Salad with Feta. Well salad with feta…anyway…for some reason I was craving salad majorly last week. Except this is the only kind I wanted. Mom has done this for us since we were kids…it is just some soy sauce, vinegar, little bit of seaseme oil, and some chili flakes. I think, my body realizes that is is really getting on in the years, and thus needs to ensure it is taken care of, but initiating healthy cravings. Thanks body~

This happened earlier today. My pressed #nakedcosmetics #rainforest collection #pigment a little piece of me died...on the plus side, it was all over my hands when I was cleaning it up...& mesmerized me lol
This is what happens when you are clumsy, and don’t use enough binders in your pigment pressing routine. Total fail! I wasn’t happy about this, as the colour is gorgeous…

It's always amazing to me when I see such gorgeous colours displayed by the #sky...
This has been filtered, only because I needed it to show how gorgeous the sky was. The pink is fairly close to what it looks like in the picture. It was gorgeous. I wasn’t the only one snapping away pictures that morning~

Love when depotting is super easy. tempted to do the same for #benefitcosmetics boxes but I find it a little harder to part w the box #hardcandy#foxinabox#depot#blush
I bought this…well awhile back. I actually can’t remember. I want to say more than a year now…or a few months after it was released. Anyway I don’t use the boxed blushes often, as I find them annoying. At least the flip tops aren’t as bad as the pull off tops of Benefit. Anyway, I depotted it. Not that hard, just pull the sides down. However this makes me really REALLY want to do the same to my Benefit blushes. Would make like simpler. But the boxes are pretty…ah the decisions :P


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