Mini update…

Hi all~

after being completely excited that I managed to get through a semester at school, without getting sick…I got sick cause of my brother. Coughing all over the place…


Anyway, the cold, and the fact that we burned through our internet bandwidth in 2.5 weeks has been preventing me from blogging.

So just letting you know that it wasn’t school that has knocked me down, but a cold. Hopefully I can kick it soon. I plan on hibernating all Friday til Sunday morning…as I need to tutor kids on Sunday. Got no choice, gotta make the moola! :)

Well, stay bundled, and germ free, and I’ll get back to writing soon.


Also another reminder, if you are a silent Canadian reader, I would suggest you either leave a comment, follow me on twitter or instagram, or even like my FB (I only have one liker…and I’m pretty sure it is spammer lol). Only current followers and engagers will be eligible for an upcoming giveaway, which is why I am giving heads up now~

Okay, I’m off to night class…hopefully I don’t have a coughing fit, and the Prof doesn’t throw me out for disturbing the class lol -____-


8 thoughts on “Mini update…

  1. hey, first of all, get well soon! I hate being sick and I know how it is to feel like a superwoman then getting sick! It sucks :( :( :(

    Have a wonderful New year dear! :D

    • For some reason I thought you weren’t! Your name sounds familiar~ but guess I was wrong xD
      Thanks for commenting and thank you Fay~

  2. my friend got sick. then he got his dad sick. then his dad got his brother sick. the entire family is sick. I hear people coughing junk up their throats everywhere I go. I can’t… I need a gas mask. This is terrible.

    Herro! I’m not really one of your silent readers, more like your most awesome reader. Hope you get better soon~ I’m switching to teksavvy to cure my bandwidth problem. Heard nothing but good things brah. Seems legit, many friends using and liking it.


    • Im REALLY tempted to jump ship to Tek Savvy…but…ahhh…I dunno…
      I have said that for a year…

      Gas Mask…oh poor Turtle >_<
      Thanks most awesome reader xD

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