Last week on Instagram…

**Just a reminder…I will be having a mini giveaway before the end of the month. This will be open to current commenters, instagram and twitter followers. To be eligible, you need to have done one of those three before the day the giveaway is post~ IT will only be open to Canadians, as Sephora won’t let me do electronic giftcards with Canadian credit cards :(**

With the last day of the 2012 year, it was quite the busy week for me. But I try to limit it to a picture a day…

My first #jagerbomb not bad...
I’m not a fan of Redbull, which is one of the reasons why I have avoided the Jagerbomb. That and the fact that it mixes both a stimulant, and depressant. But for my first drink of our night out on New Years Eve, it wasn’t bad at all. We went to Bier Markt, and gotta say that I liked it a lot. The venue wasn’t overly packed, the Bouncers/Security were very alert on those who might be trouble as the night wore on, and the music was decent enough.

First meal of the new year?? #schwarma plate :)
This was my first meal of the new year. My friend wanted to get something to eat at McDonalds, but seeing as it was closed, we got Shawarma instead. It was tres yummy :D

Received my #oldnavy #boxingday order today. Which means I officially have a #hellokitty tshirt xD I don't think I had one even as a kid...must confirm w mom later~
I finally received my Old Navy Boxing Day order. Usually my orders come within 2 days, as My GAP order did. But this time around it took a week for my order to come in. Which is still not that bad. Still waiting on my Aldo orders though. This shirt is obviously Hello Kitty. I actually really love it. Living our childhood dreams, as I’m fairly sure I didn’t have Hello Kitty clothing when I was a child.

#NailPolishCanada (@polishcanada) #boxingday #chinaglaze #opi order came. Two dupes & I already had Nova. #nofilter
My NPC boxing day order came~ 7 China Glaze polishes, and a OPI top and base coat.

My first homemade #almond #kulfi XD yum
I meet w my friend Jav to eat at Gerrard. The usual Pani Puri and then Lahore Tikka. This time we got kulfi’s as I have always wanted to try it. the stud detailing. Too bad they hurt #aldo#khabou#flats
One of the shows I ordered from Aldo. Love the stud and spike detailing, but it was a tad narrow for me just at the base of the toes. Shucks. Actually my Mother almost stole these before I could return them…lol She gave them back when she realized I wasn’t going to keep them.

A weird yet fun game of #quelf I'm #mrspicklefeather
This is a board game called Quelf. It is becoming a tradition of this group of friends to play during our holiday meetup. It’s basically a bunch of really random things, questions, and requests, but always fun.

my first #crabbies #ginger beer. twas interesting
I also got to try ginger beer for the first time. It was interesting. The ginger taste was fairly strong, so it gives off an illusion that you are drinking something healthy. Well, only cause Mama makes ginger candies and tea at home. So that’s what I associate it with.


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