Having some fun with a cheap thrill: Daiso Blush

Back when the weather was still warmer, I got to meet up with Watercoloursky and Babybubblz for some food and chatter.

I hadn’t seen both in a bit, so it was fun to catch up with them. Well Watercoloursky had just returned from a trip back home, and well she brought back a few things for us, one of which was this Daiso Blush. Now I love blush. I love it a little too much, despite the fact that I don’t have my mother’s lovely cheek bones.

Simply put, I hoard them. I mean after the La Femme blushes I got (you can check out the post HERE), one would think I wouldn’t need anymore, but you would be flat out wrong. lol

Daiso Blush xD
Daiso Blush xD
Daiso Blush xD

Daiso Blush xD
Daiso Blush xD
Was nice to have the ingredients list in English

Daiso Blush xD

Daiso Blush xD
Daiso Blush xD
I am not a fan of bulky compacts, but I did like the detail touch of the mirror. I mean it isn’t the widest, nor best to use for your face, but it is nice to have around. The brush is a tad useless IMO, as it is a tad too scratchy for my liking. I would say store something else in there.

Daiso Blush xD
First swipe is a light, slightly blended swatch. Second swipe is a heavy handed swatch.

Slightly peachy, shimmery goodness.

Looking at the blush, I kept thinking that it was similiar to something, so I dug out a few of the ones that I had.
Daiso Blush xD
In this picture, I determined that the first and last looked the most similar…
Daiso Blush xD
First Benefit Coralista
Second Annabelle Rapture (LE that I picked up at Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale)
Third La Femme Peach Sparkle
Fourth Daiso Neo Color Blush

I thought that Benefit and Daiso blushes looked the closest.

They kind of seemed similar…until I swatched it side by side…
Daiso Blush xD

The first swatch is Benefit, the second is Daiso.

So they are cousins, but not sisters for sure, as it is more shimmery, and the shimmer reflect differently. The colour, as you can see in the swatch, is lighter in the Daiso one, and just a slightly different pink. I think it was the general sheen that reminded me of Coralista, at least on my skin. But a cheaper alternative if you are looking for something within that family.

Daiso Blush xD

Now the problem is that we don’t have Daiso in Ontario. The only one we do have is located in Vancouver! BOOOOOO!!!! I think that is one of the stores I miss the most from my time in Korea. Daiso is just plain awesome. Enough said. So that makes purchasing this a tad hard, however you can try and pick it up when you cross the boarder, or have a friend pick it up for you when they head anywhere near one, if they are nice enough.

I know that some might not feel comfortable wearing stuff from a “dollar” store. I personally had no issues, and like I said, really enjoyed it. So if you are more worried might want to keep that in mind.


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