Boxing Day hazzards…

I never really thought to think of the history behind Boxing Day, until I saw a mention of it on twitter. As is the current tradition, I am liking Wiki, and it seems current time calls for linking to Wiki rather than some other source.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep, so I stopped trying to force it, and did a bit more shopping.

I suck.

Well, I ordered a few things from Aldo.
Aldo is offering free shipping over $50, and the sale prices include their additional 30% off. Don’t forget to use Ebates (referral link)!
Capecoral heel which has had pretty good reviews, and I am in need of a beige pair of heels.
They arrived!
My #aldo shoes from #boxing day arrived today. Love them but too big >_< reordered another size
Love them, but this is the first time I have bought from Aldo, since they switched to the new half sizing. I selected 8.5, but apparently that is a 39. I didn’t realize, despite it stating it on the checkout page. So it is too big. I just reordered another size, hopefully it fits, cause I like them.

I also got the Crowner boot in beige. I have it in dark grey, but I love it so much I wanted another pair. As they didn’t have the grey anymore, I decided to get a pair in the Beige. I was contemplating Ellingwood, as it is a nice wedge for the summer, but haven’t fully decided I want it yet.

The GAP corporation has a decent deal going on as well. Old Navy is offering 30%, whereas GAP and Banana Republic is offering an additional 50% on their sale merchandise. You can ebates this as well, and I would also suggest you not only click the sale link, but rather the general links provided for categories. I found that some of the things that were on sale, were not categorized in the actual sale section, and thus I missed out on them the first time around.
I was debating on the foiled Hello Kitty, or the red Hello Kitty. I picked the red in the end as the foiled shirts, in general, seems to get warped at some period of time.
If you are looking for an anorak, might I suggest the Old Navy one? I have it in black and LOVE it. Unfortunately they only have green and orange, but if you don’t mind that, I’d say get it. I picked up this black maxi, only because I have an HM one that I need to retire, and at this price, I figure I can’t go wrong.

From Gap I picked up this bf shirt, cardigan.

I was tempted things at Banana, like this necklace, these earrings, and this necklace…but I refrained from buying. It’s not like I had occasions to wear them.

I then heard of the sale at Call It Spring, and picked up these boots. I need casual black boots, but seeing as I wasn’t willing to spend $10 more, I opted for the camel-y ones. They were similar to the Aldo ones I was contemplating.

I forgot to mention that Nailpolishcanada had Boxing Day deals as well. I fell for their China Glaze and OPI set. You can see the rest of what they have HERE. If you do buy something, make sure you select your free gift! I didn’t realize that you had to add it to your cart, I thought it was a surprise, thus I didn’t select my free gift >_<

Anyway, I went around to Lush, Crocs, Club Monaca, and Garage, but didn't see anything else I felt I needed to get at the price that they were being offered, so I stopped here.

Even still, if I keep the ones I hope that will look good on me, I would have spent a good $200. Sad had such deals snag such a strong hold over my wallet. I pity my lack of self restraint. But alas, I continue to tell myself I needed a good chunk of what I got, as I need to update my wardrobe, and desperately need to retire certain pieces. I guess that can help me get through the guilt xD

Well, that's the update on me. Hope that Christmas was a lovely one, and happy shopping or happy relaxing to you all :)


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