Instragram week in review…

Well it is Christmas Eve.
I hope that all your shopping was done, and the house tidy for whatever gatherings you are hosting :)

I hope that those of you on vacation enjoy the break, and those who do have to go back to work soon enjoy the time off you do get.

I like the addition of the #reindeer #christmas #eatoncentre
Last week I started off with shopping with my brother. I say shopping, but it was more me just tagging along for the sake of tagging along.

#sushi #AYCE is always nice to have~
I had AYCE sushi at Aji Sai in Markham. I was super happy…haven’t had sushi in awhile, and it was great meeting up and catching up over good food. I wasn’t that impressed with the service at this location, as the waitresses were a tad off…but I was happy with my sashimi :P

Various #dufflet & #davids goodies from the sale at Dufflet in etobicoke.
I noticed tweets from Dufflet that they were extending their chocolate sale to cakes and other various treats! So I got my brother to drive. I picked up chocolates that I thought were nuts, but were coffee beans. I also picked up this ganache thing, and mini cupcakes. I had missed out on the Caramel Crunch cakes, my FAVOURITES. Unfortunate, but the stuff was still yummy.

#girlsnight at #heylucy drinks and #nachos fun times but wish the online menu and the actual menus prices were the same :T not cool
I met up with some of my girls, who I’ve known since highschool, over some drinks at Hey Lucy’s on Bloor. I LOVE their baked nacho chips. We abandoned this location after a few drinks, as it was getting expensive. I personally was glad to leave, as I was offended by the fact that their online menu and their instore menu prices were different for the drinks. When I mentioned this, all I got was, “I’ll let the manager know”. No sorry, nothing. Not what I would expect from such a place.

I couldn't resist. I've been waiting to do this to our @firstsnow it isn't a lot, but ill take it! #winterbaby xD
On my way home, the snow was still lightly falling about. I had to make my print in the snow…so…I did. I might have looked weird as this was super late in the evening/early morning…lol

Picked up out #wagjag #krispykreme deal~ let the weight gaining begin!!
I bought a wagjag coupon, and it was $10 for 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts, and a drink. Such a good deal. Many weight gaining opportunities totally await me this week!

Left side of the car was dark and stormy. Right side of the car was bright and sunny. We were right I between the change...'twas interesting
And finally…the weather.
On the left of the car it was dark and clearly stormy. The right was clear and sunny. Twas amusing. Oh weather, you can be so nutso.

Well that is all for that Instagram update.


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