The last week on Instagram…

Glitter gradient nails for the past weekend~
I started off last week by showing off my glitter nails. I had gone to a friends place for a Christmas Gathering, and wanted something fun.

got my package from #makeupmania (@makeupmania) for the #faceatelier (@faceatelier) stuff they were clearing out. Things came a little ratty and lipstick is a little questionable but excited for glaze and blush~
I then received my MakeUp Mania package of Face Atelier. They were clearing the line out, and I snagged each product for $5 during their Black Friday sale Weekend. I wanted to get up early…but couldn’t…and missed out other great products >_< I guess good for my wallet…lol

Looking down. I don't get what the purpose of the white dots are...#utm #library #stairs
I had three exams last week (finished my last exam for the semester on Saturday), and spent quite a bit of time at the library. This is one of the stairwells at the UTM library. I love this area as it is so pretty. The windows, though they costed the school an insane amount per panel (a Sociology Prof used to rant that UTM was wasting out money on such frivolous things…and told us that they were VERY expensive…) as it lets in a lot of natural light, it just looks lovely.

Balancing an unbalanced #starbucks tray in one hand, while I tweet on the other...not a good idea. Increases chance of accidents lol
I had an hour break when I was tutoring yesterday, so I picked up 3 drinks. But was annoyed with the service, that I had t tweet…while balancing the unbalanced tray of 3 drinks in one hand. lol I COULD have waited til I got back…but you know how it is with twitter :P

Anyway not as eventful I know, and probably won’t be until the new year…or never, but that’s what was up last week :)


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