Holiday Nails: China Glaze Mrs. Claus

Today I have yet another polish from an older China Glaze Christmas collection.

Mrs. Claus was a polish I wasn’t quite sure of when I first saw swatches, but once I tried it for myself, I was super glad I had decided to get it.

China Glaze Mrs. Clause

China Glaze Mrs. Clause
It is a glitter in a pink base, that has bits of silver as well.

China Glaze Mrs. Clause
I didn’t want to mess around with it too much, so I just topped the polish off with China Glaze Fairy Dust again :)

Glitter can be a pain to remove, as I have found through my experience, but there are a few methods you can always try out (that I learned through reading blogs over the years).

There is the one you use pieces of felt to remove your polish, instead of using cotton. It holds the remover a bit longer, and has more grip in terms of pushing the glitter off the nails.

You can always wrap your tips in foil, after placing a bit of damp cotton (damp because of the remover).

Otherwise I just stick with my lazy way. Just watch a drama while removing them. I saturate a cotton ball, dab three nails, let the residue sink into the polish, while I go back to the first finger to remove the polish. I proceed to move to the second and third, then come back to the first again.

Yes I know. I said “my” lazy way…but its the way we all do it if we don’t use the other two ways lol

Anyway, Hope that everyone has been enjoying their Tuesday~

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Nails: China Glaze Mrs. Claus”

  1. Totally love that color..,. I’m so snatching that from you as soon as my nails grow (well borrowing it for a bit :) )

    All that glitter :D

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