Holiday Nails: Mistletoe Kisses

Today I have Mistletoe Kisses, which was released two Christmas’ ago (I thought it was last year, but just checked Google…wow time flies).

Mistletoe Kisses
It is just a nice green silver glitter. It flashes weird in the light, but looks lovely under natural lighting.

Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses
Orly Star Spangled, China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses, China Glaze Fairy Dust, China Glaze Cheers to You

Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses
This was my sad attempt at nail art…to resemble candy cane… -_____-
I won’t try that one again lol

well when this goes up I will be in the middle of writing my first exam. Hopefully get the desire marked for this class. I really need it. I wasn’t freaking out about exams…until I did. Quite nervewrecking. Friday will be brutal, and I will have to submit a paper late because I spent more time studying for Fridays exam. not something I suggest people do.

Anyway hope that Tuesday is treating you all well :)

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