Instagram weekly update…

Last Sunday, I got an email from Rocky Mountain stating that they had these Holiday Deals. Well Monday was their BOGO deal on Candy and Caramel Apples. I LOVE their Candy Apples. So I took a detour on my way home from my last day of classes to pick one up…I forgot to send the picture to Flickr, so I just have the linked to Statigram HERE. Not sure if it is because of the whole apply shortage this year, but the apples I picked up at Square One were smaller than the ones I usually get at Eaton Centre. Regardless, I was one happy camper!

I swung by Build a Bear, as I had to see the Hello Kitty doll..
I had to see it for myself, after my friend told me her daughter pointed it out #buildabear #hellokitty "mama look! ms.esther would love that" they know me too well...xD
Isn’t she super cute?!

Few weeks back, we couldn't find our #dog. Had no idea where she deep in sleep she didn't hear us calling her. She was in my brothers room. Guess she missed him...
I posted this of my dog. She is getting on in the years as well, and quite lonely after my other dog passed away. I try to play with her, but apparently I’m not as fun as my brother is -____- This is her sleeping in my brothers room (which is unoccupied seeing as he doesn’t live at home anymore), which she normally doesn’t do. I conclude that she missed him. Punk. Yes, I am jealous.

I was hoping for another package from BIC, but it may be lost. First time I would not have received something from them. Going to wait the rest of this week, and email them again.

But even though I didn’t get my package…I did get my new Elle Canada January edition:)
While flipping through, I saw the Lacoste Fanny pack xD
Jan edition of @ellecanada has the Lacoste fanny pack xD the spread is so playful it kind of makes me want one...
Isn’t it fun looking? I want the entire spread…just cause…

I went to a friends place on Friday for a Christmas gathering, but didn’t take pictures >_<

So the last picture is of my study area…which is the floor. I have all these notes that I needed a larger space to spread everything out…
Ive got notes like this on both sides... @___@ #studentlife #exams #cramming

Ah man…Can’t wait for the end of Saturday. That will be my last exam, and I shall be free for a few weeks! Wooooo

Hope you all had a great weekend, and are refreshed, ready to tackle the new week :)


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