Busan Adventures Day 1…picture heavy (Korean 2010)

I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic for Korea…as this December marks 2 years since my 2010 visit. Not to mention my friend and her bf had just returned from visiting Korea and Japan a few weeks back.

Seeing as I found some of the pictures that I edited so long ago, thought I would share :)

Well I wanted to check out Busan, but seeing as I didn’t know anyone there, I didn’t think I would be able to go. That was until H asked if I wanted to come with her. Perfect~!

Her brother reserved seats online. They were about $100 for the round trip I believe? Or it was $100 for one way. I think it was the former.

If you don’t take the KTX, which is like Korea’s equivalent to the VIA rails, then it would take you much longer to get there. I mean the trip one way was 3-4 hours anyway. There were a few stops in between Seoul and Busan, but nothing too drastic.

Korea - Busan 2010
One of the many little shops around the place.

Korea - Busan 2010
Going down the stairs to board the train from Seoul

Korea - Busan 2010
Felt kind of futuristic :P

Korea - Busan 2010
Drinks. $0.90-$1.20

Korea - Busan 2010
Outside the terminal

So basically we decided to take one of those tour buses. The city tour buses like we have here. It was approx $10 a person and good for the whole day.

The bus stop was located right beside the terminal, on the left (as u leave the terminal). But seeing as we had our bags with us, we wanted to find a place to ditch them.

There were lockers you could rent at the KTX terminal, but it required a fingerprint!! I said screw that and we sought out other options. Lucky for us, on the left side there are stairs leading underground for the Busan Subway system. Right at the base of the stairs, on the left, are a bunch of lockers. I think it was $1 or 2, but rather cheap. Size was pretty decent as H and I could both shove our stuff in.

One we got rid of our luggage, we got tickets and head for one route of the tour. There are two routes (I recall. Northern one and a southern one).

Korea - Busan 2010
The water was gorgeous…I wished it was warmer so I could play on the water. I think that in the summer, the beach is covered with a crazy amount of tents, that cater to those who come to the beach. Basically they have food, drinks…everything. Makes it super fun.

Korea - Busan 2010

Korea - Busan 2010
Interactive screen with several different languages…Not all the buses has this, but there were quite a few that did. Made things interesting as you would select locations and read up a little on them.

Korea - Busan 2010

Korea - Busan 2010
See the kids toppling and rolling about? Well the roads in the parks are covered in this rubber. It makes it easier on the knees for those who run and exercise, and is gentle enough not to hurt little ones who trip.

Korea - Busan 2010

Korea - Busan 2010

Korea - Busan 2010
Heading home…well to H’s Aunt and Uncle’s Place…

Korea - Busan 2010
By this time, I was falling asleep. Super exhausted…but I wanted to go there…wherever that was…

I wasn’t able to take more pictures afterwards, but once we got to H’s families place, they wanted to take us out to eat, and so we went to eat at this meat place. And omg, it was lovely. The food was great, the atmosphere was fun, and I just wish I had more energy to have enjoyed the rest of the evening more. But it was good times for sure :)


4 thoughts on “Busan Adventures Day 1…picture heavy (Korean 2010)

  1. I went to Pusan during the summer. It was super hot in Korea, the humidity was insane, but it was really great in Pusan. Though lucky for me I escaped the nasty weather of the end of summer. Looking at these pictures takes me back.

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