Holiday Nails: Getting Miss Piggy with it

On its own, I don’t really think that this glitter is all that spectacular. However, once you layer it over something else, it really just is a lot of fun.

According to a fellow blogger friend JilloJello, you can find these on clearance at Trade Secrets. I bought mine from a nail supply store (but the service is poor there, and the price is the same as Trade Secrets, so if you can find it there it would be nice~).

I layered Piggy over China Glaze’s Vertical Rush. Probably not the best match, but it worked out to my liking.


OPI & China Glaze

OPI & China Glaze

OPI & China Glaze

OPI & China Glaze

I added silver nail tape to make it kind of resemble a gift~
That is as artistic as it gets for me lol…well…I might have a few more :P


You can see more swatches of Gettin Miss Piggy with it on Google HERE

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