Another look into favourites…


So here are a few products that made it into my daily rotation last month…
I don’t usually do a monthly favourites (last one I did was for August), but as the weather/season has changed, I wanted to do another.

For some reason, with the weather change, Clinique’s Moisture Surge isn’t cooperating with my morning face routine. So I dabbled back into Marcelle’s Hydra C Ultra Light Matifying Fluid. I received this from the company about a year ago. I had to let it go once the weather started warming up, but it is perfect for the cooler weather. Does not mess with my foundation and make me super oily.

Missha’s Argan Oil lotion. I picked this up when I was in Korea 2 years back…and just found another tube -___-
Luckily it doesn’t smell funky. This can be picked up for around $4 at Galleria. I find that it isn’t super greasy feeling, and leaves a nice subtle scent. It has helped to try and keep my horrible gnome hands at bay.

This is probably a hint that I have too much stuff…but this is another product that I found…in my stash. This is the old packing for the lovely CO Bigelow gloss I love. I use this at night to try and infuse moisture and smooth them out for the morning lip application. Really helps with the cold weather, as they are usually pretty chapped by the end of the day.

NARS Matte lip pencil in Sex Machine. I bought this at the Shiseido/NARS warehouse sale a while back, as a kit. The pencil is easy to use, not too crazy in terms of colour. That really helps when I am in a rush and want to infuse my face with a bit of colour.

On top we have Annabelle’s Smudgeliner. This is a DC’ed one that I picked up from Lisa’s Cosmetics sale. As I am typing this post, I can’t remember the name, but lately this has been a huge help in lining my tired eyes, and helping me not look like I didn’t get enough sleep, or that I just crawled out of bed.


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