What happened last week (Instagram)

A pretty uneventful week. For some reason I kept getting into issues that would annoy me. Thus there isn’t a lot to share (as I tried to hide at home or at school as much as possible…)

But here are a few pictures from the past week, that I posted on Instragram

See the little blue lights above the cheese? That is the charge indicator to my external battery charger #lifesaver really today i am really thankful I got this...
You can’t really see it in the picture. Total fail on my part, but there is an external battery charged that I had to stick on my phone. I was heading home after class on Tuesday, and feeling sick. Unfortunately only had a few percents left on the phone, and was a tad worried, until I remembered that I had my battery thingy on me! SWEET! So I charged it up, and kept myself occupied before I could call my dad to pick me up…

I didn't get these, as I was there for the cake slices...but super pretty~ #dufflet #cake
I wanted to get Dufflet cake, as I haven’t had it since the end of summer. So I trekked downtown before class, and picked up a bunch of slices (Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, and Tiramisu). Was a pain carrying it back to the westend, but after a messy start to the week, I needed to treat myself desperately. These were mini treats on display that I didn’t buy, but wanted to as they were super pretty.

Got my second #카카오 #애느팡 #bronze medal! Was so close to silver...maybe next week~
There is this Korean Game called Anipang. It is associated with Kakaotalk, which is a smartphone messenger program. I prefer this to Whatsapp as it has cute emoticons. Yes…in terms of apps, I am shallow lol. Anyway I received my second bronze medal. For this week (the tourny ends tomorrow evening), I was in second place for the silver medal…until my HS friend EK beat me out with a 500,000+ score. Thus I am back to Bronze for this week as well lol

A little gaudier than I would have liked but #opi #crownmealready #notd
I did this for a post on my Holiday Nails. It will be posted eventually, but this is what I sported for a day this past weekend :P


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