What happened last week (filler post)…

So I’m still a tad busy with school…
therefore we are left with a filler post for today.
I think I will have a filler post for tomorrow as well. We will see.

I do have a fun post on Bundle Monster, a package I received from NailPolish Canada, and can’t wait to show you :)

For now, here are my Instagram pictures from the last week…

Nothing like a freshly made #samosa, steaming hot, to conclude my midday~
I picked up Samosa’s in Sauga on my way home from class. They were just made, so nice toasty warm. Was super awesome. However with horrible service that I received today, and the rudeness, I refuse to go back there. We will see how long I last, and whether the stomach or the stubbornness will win…

The #fog is stronger this morning than yesterday...my phone couldn't capture it right but it looked pretty cool~
The fog was super thick the earlier part of last week. It was cool, eerie, and a tad scary (as it gets hard to see when you drive).

Oooh yeah @five_guys #fiveguysfanatic burger. Haven't had one in such a long time I accidentally ordered the double patty way too much food~ but happy
I was craving a burger, and was having a tough week, so I decided to treat myself to a burger at Five Guys. I haven’t had it in AGES, but was super good. Apparently, according to a friend of mine, they are opening up a location at Sherway! wooooo!

#naan #butterchicken #chickentikkamasala content :D
I met up with my friend JE on Thursday and headed to Coxwell to stuff myself with Pani Puri and food from Lahore Tikka House. I was super happy after this meal…who wouldn’t be! Their Naan is so soft and delicious, a must get if you go.

"I shall destroy..." lol this Cube Bot is awesome!!
My Friend SY gifted this to one of the ladies for their birthday. This little guy comes out of the box as a cube…THEN transforms into a bot xD

Happy Birthday to @meyaintoronto and Julia~
My other friend JH made the cake with her BF. Well according to her, she supervised and washed the dishes while the BF made the cake xD

Yay! I needed this~ my first #ladderleather #handmade #leather card/coin purse~ (@meyaintoronto)
Finally I picked up a new coin wallet from Ladder Leather. I have two bus passes I need to flash, for two different transit systems. This is a pain when I have to drag out the wallet. So this is extremely handy for me. I know you can buy Coach at the outlet store for approximately the same price, but this is hand stitched, and made by a lovely friend of mine, so it was worth it.


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