Black & Gold…just feels luxurious~

As the weather is getting colder, I wanted to do a darker eye for a night out.
I try to use pigments on the nights I am heading out, as I usually have more time to play with them. This wasn’t one of those cases, as I took a longer nap…but I was still able to incorporate a MAC pigment.

I know the pictures makes the pigment reflect green…maybe I should have changed the title. Oh well :P

EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)
EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)
EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)
(Last picture…omg…I meant to say no to ‘save changes’ but shifted to the wrong button…and alas it was too late. I was so appalled that I didn’t even want to do damage control. So there, you have my messed up PS picture. lol all I wanted to do was try and smooth out my not so smooth skin *cries*)

I used…
EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)
EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)
EOTD (or rather EOTfew weeks ago...)

MAC Golden Lemon Pigment
MAC Bare Study (Check out my other split pots HERE)
Annabelle Mono Shadow Graffiti
Annabelle Mono Shadow Buff Naked
Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight Black

All I did was…
apply Bare Study
pat on Graffiti all over the lid
pat on Golden Lemon on top of Grafitti on the inner
line my upper lid
lightly line my lower lid
dab the eyeliner into my tearduct area
slap on false lashes

Anyway I’m still busy writing papers. Then I’ll be busy with exams. Ah. Well lets hope after this year, I’ll only have a year left! I post once in awhile on Instragram, so add me/check it out :)


4 thoughts on “Black & Gold…just feels luxurious~

  1. I have mono lids, but still have issues trying to do something that my eyes won’t swollow up. I Feel like when I do go beyond the lid, it makes it look bad :T
    But I like how this one turned up!

    • thank you~
      I still struggle as well, but just have some fun playing around with it, and you should be able to find a way to make it work for you :)

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