Just a small blurb on IMATS Toronto & my purchases…

This weekend is a hectic one for me, as I have a birthday event, and a paper (which I am struggling on) due…but I needed to go to IMATS. Just felt like my year wouldn’t be complete without it.


IMATS Toronto 2012

I went to MUFE to pick up a few things for myself, and for my friends. Unfortunately the stuff I wanted was OOS (which was amazing as I was like around 25th to pay) or was backordered/didn’t make it to IMATS Toronto. Was a tad disappointed. I only got the Aqua Brow in Ash, and Magnetic Palette. I wanted to check out the other deals, but seriously, just too packed. Their booth was reduced to half what it usually is, and just wasn’t fun to navigate around. So I left with what I was able to get.
IMATS Toronto 2012

I then went to Bdellium Tools for brushes. Unfortunately, I had planned on getting the Travel Line, and didn’t realize that wasn’t an option for IMATS. Not a lot of people ask for them, so it just takes up space to haul over here. Seeing as my main options for brushes had now been eliminated, I had to rethink what I wanted to get. I ended up picking up the 780 Pencil Brush $5, and the Green Bambu 4 Piece Mineral Set $28.The gentlemen are always so polite, and friendly. Makes a experience at their booth great.
IMATS Toronto 2012

I passed along the booths, and noticed Beauty So Clean. It originally wasn’t on my list, as I have a bit I bought from another place earlier this year, but they had a mini Christmas Tree, and Candy Canes! Okay…so that is what caught my eye first. Then I saw the promo. Basically you get the pro size sanitizer, pro size brush cleanser, 250 ct wipes, mini spray, and then two mini bottles of the Christmas scented brush cleanser (in gingerbread and candy cane). That was for $50.
IMATS Toronto 2012
IMATS Toronto 2012

Finally I stopped by Vasanti to ask about what they were offering. They had a deal where you got $10 off if you bought 3 pieces. They also had their Last Chance products for $5, and 40% discount for MUA and Bloggers. I loved that they included Bloggers. I mean they certainly don’t have to, but it was so nice of them to extend it to us. I also got to meet the lovely MakeupbySand. Okay, so I picked up a little more than I had originally planned…Eye Wonder (which everyone seems to rave about), Brighten Up, Manhattan Shadow Palette, Coral Sea gloss, Denmark lipstick, Cancun tinted lip balm.
IMATS Toronto 2012

Then I wandered about.

Wolfe Canada had the famous Banana Powder. I had heard about it before, but saw it again on Spiced Beauty’s blog. Then earlier today I saw her tweet that someone had gotten a bottle for $11. I rushed to find this place…only to realize that they had one bottle, and the lady in near the cash was buying it. If she didn’t, there were two other ladies who were next in line. Apparently Wolfe is located in Waterloo, and they will be getting a new shipment later this week, but as of the moment they are OOS.
IMATS Toronto 2012

IPKN, a vendor, had this Pulasating Makeup Applicator. The video screen showed the process, and they were also explaining to people who wandered to their booth. They have a a Canadian site HERE (distributed by Sebee Canada) and a Korean siteHERE and HERE

EDIT: Holy FAIL! I am aware of IPKN. I thought IPKN was, I.P.K.N. So I had been spelling out the letters. But it isn’t, it is “ip-kun”, sounded out! lol then it clicked! Well I realized when I was looking for the videos. I thought they looked Korean, but didn’t think twice about it. Well was nice to see them there :P I now wish I had looked into it more, but was on a time limit >;;_<;;

MaskerAide masks were being sold with the Beauty Blender booth (I think). I didn’t pick up any as I had already spent more than I had planned.

Another new vendor, Classique Nails & Aesthetic Distributor had deals on nail polish. They had OPI Shatter for $1.50. They also had a promo on the polish, where 6 OPI bottles were $33, and 6 China Glaze bottles for $25. They had a bunch of OPI sets and stuff, but it was SUPER busy, and I couldn’t justify buying polish as I have…way…too…many -____-
IMATS Toronto 2012

I quickly checked out the Student Competition. I was really sad that I couldn’t see the finished works.
IMATS Toronto 2012
IMATS Toronto 2012

Then I made my way to the main stage, so I could sit in the Make Up Forever seminar with David Harbid and his colleague Heather.
IMATS Toronto 2012

There were other deals that others had posted, but I had to head out, so that is all I can report on.

I now have to try and finish writing my paper. Hope you all have a great weekend~


7 thoughts on “Just a small blurb on IMATS Toronto & my purchases…

  1. Thanks for posting so fast! I was so excited to read this! It’s the first time I’ve heard about this Banana powder, interesting. Wonder if it smells like it? Lol. Tell us what you think of the brow gel. Good luck with your paper!

    • LOL Mira xD
      I tried to enjoy what I could, but really it was a good thing u and S couldn’t go. I mean if not for the ppl, and the seminars, it was lacking a lot in comparison to previous years. I still got a few good deals, but it’s not like I desperately needed them. But they were nice to have~

  2. Great scores on Vasanti products, it was nice indeed that bloggers got the discount too :) More reviews coming, I assume?

    • I hope so :) my blog has been lacking some reviews xD that was partly why I was so motivated to pick up their most talked about products~

    • I know :( i was looking forward to meeting the bloggers I only get to see once in awhile as well.
      maybe ill see you at an event, hopefully sooner than next IMATS >_< lol

  3. Didn’t know about this. how long have we had this in Toronto?!
    I have a friend who is obsessed. she does all our makeup for us when we hit the town. I wonder if she knows about this…if she doesn’t, ill let her know

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