something on the soothing side…

Been having a bit of an overwhelming week at school. Well I guess last two weeks. Looks like it will stay this way til I hit the exam session in December. But, despite that, I don’t regret coming back at all. I just don’t know how older individuals, who work full time and go to school part time, do it. I’m being drained as it is, and yes…I am being put to shame by these other individuals in my class who can juggle their work, family, and then school at night. Baffles me. However it is also encouraging.

Anyway, so pardon the absence from the blog. Trust me I miss it. I come and check it often. I have pictures I have taken for some posts, then I have posts that I have written. Unfortunately none of them are complete/I can’t find them time to edit my pictures for the posts.

I will try and come back soon :)


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