Nabi Scented Nail Polish in Baby Blue…

Happy November all!
As the year is drawing to a close, I hope that things are winding down well for you :)

Today I have something new, the Nabi Scented Nail Polish in #35 Baby Blue. Each bottle contains 15ml.

I’m not really sure why they thought it was Baby Blue…but okay.
I picked it up because it reminded me of For Audrey by China Glaze (I don’t have it…need to rectify that soon…)

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

I picked these up on a quick trip to Orfus. I found them at…I always forget the store name! It’s the one beside the Roots Outlet. I picked them up for 3/$5.

Let us move on…

Indoors, the polish tends to lean more green. Where natural daylight seems to draw more of its blueness.

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

The formula for this one was on the thick side. It evens out a bit on the second coat, but you need three coats or thin it out with a nail polish thinner. I would suggest the thinner, and just be careful on the brushing. The brush is pretty crappy itself.

The smell is like all Nabi polish, just chemically. The green apple smell is okay, just a tad too artificial. In a little way, smelt like green apple car air fresheners.

Nabi Scented Nail Polish
Nabi Scented Nail Polish

The colours were gorgeous! They really stood out, as there were neon’s, glitters, shimmers, and crèmes. However I don’t know if I would buy more.

The scent was a little off-putting, and the polish kind of peeled off at the end of the second day. The polish basically dries a little like plastic, rather than enamel. But the polish is cheap, fun looking, and well does its purpose for the first two days. It might last longer if you layer it over another polish that would help grip it to the nail. Not sure though.

Nabi Scented Nail Polish

I’ll have swatches of the others up eventually. Got test their wear, and see if it is any different from this one.


4 thoughts on “Nabi Scented Nail Polish in Baby Blue…”

  1. I bought this too!
    Wish I had read this review before doing so…it was kinda crappy. good concept, and love the colors, but it peeled off weird like you said.

  2. I. Used pineapple scented Nabi mail polish and it turned my nails bright yellow and would not remove. Is there a known reason for this or had anyone else had this problem?

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