Epik High with Don’t Hate Me

The kids dressed up in various characters are too cute.
Anyway, this was an interesting music video. If you know about Epik High, you will know some of the issues around Tablo recently, or rather issues that he has been involved in because of people doubting facts about him. If you don’t and you are curious you can Google it (can you believe I was once told to Google the illness/symptoms by a ER Doctor at Mt Sinai in Toronto? I was super pissed…but don’t be mad at me that I’m telling you to Google okay~). So in regards to that, I find it interesting that he starts off with the lyrics he does…

Well you can check out Romanizations and Translations HERE

What do you think of the song? The MV? It was very…bright. Reminded me more of BigBang, but was an nice new way to start a new album


3 thoughts on “Epik High with Don’t Hate Me

  1. I don’t know.
    I like Epik High, I do…
    but this song…the MV really made me think that they…
    were trying way to hard. much harder than they needed to.
    but the concept was cute

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