Stila tried to Serenade me….

I cannot tell you how much it sucks to have too many lip products.

First they can be a pain to store, as they are all different shapes/sizes…
Second you forget what you have! (more so if you have horrible memory like I do…)

I was reminded that I have Stila’s Serenade when I saw JilloJello’s Birthday Haul Post (check it out HERE), where she picked up a lovely pink.

Funny how I was thinking…”oooh I like…I wonder how it is…”
Then having that remind me that…”oooh…crap…I have one of the other shades somewhere…”

Well this is Serenade…

Stila in Serenade

Stila in Serenade

0.04oz of product doesn’t seem like much, but for those who are Canadian the size of the Annabelle TwistUps are 0.05oz. So really it is more than enough.

Stila in Serenade
Stila in Serenade

This is actually quite a lovely colour, but my main con to it is that I personally find it too frosty for my full liking. I think the more I wear lipstick, the more I lean towards favouring those that are cream or mattes. The wear of it wasn’t too bad though, and seeing as I love lip crayons, this fit me quite well.

Stila in Serenade

Stila in Serenade

So in terms of price, and the fact that it is frosty, I would say that the Annabelle TwistUps are what I would purchase instead. They aren’t completely on the same level in terms of the actual product, as the Stila is more of a lipstick. However the pigmentation of the TwistUps are quite decent (at least from my use of Royale), which is why I would favour it.


Sephora Canada $26Murale $26Stila Website $20US


6 thoughts on “Stila tried to Serenade me….

  1. It looks like a nice colour. How do you keep it fresh during the day — constant reapplication? This is probably why I prefer balms.

    • Hi~
      I only used Stila Serenade in this post. I mentioned Annabelle Twistups since, for the price, I would rather purchase them instead of picking up the Stila one at a warehouse sale :)

      • Thanks. Stila serenade has been my daily lipstick until they discontinued it. I’ve been trying to find a close color to this lipsick. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks a lot for replying !!!

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