Fall’s changing colours…

it is that time of year where the leaves lose their lush green colouring, and trade them in for the rich yellow, orange, and reds. It was the subtle transition that led me to layer a Flakie polish over red, just so I could simulate this colour change.

Flakie Red

Flakie Red

Flakie Red

Flakie Red

Fall is my second favourite season, winter being the first.

Was so lovely yesterday... #fall #leaves #campus #utm
This is a shot taken from the UTM library. One reason (and nearly the only reason) I love this campus, is the forest that surrounds us.


4 thoughts on “Fall’s changing colours…

  1. Heheh, my nails are currently painted with CQ’s Rustic Dream which I think is basically Canadian Autumn in a bottle. It shifts from gold to a sort of rusty pink to a brick red, just like maple leaves!
    I am still slapping your gifted bottle of Hidden Treasure on everything xD

    • Ooooh need to check out swatches of this colour shift!

      And haha yes seriously I am the same. A Mani not complete without it. Even if it looks hideous xD

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