Milani’s Lip Flash in Photo Flash

Milani Lip Flash
Milani Lip Flash
Milani Lip Flash
The other pencil, Flashy, was actually harder to sharpen than this one. The only issues I had with this one, was actually the fault of my sharpener. You can see that on the product itself, there are weird lines around it. Yup, that’s my sharpener. It is a Dior sharpener that came with their jumbo pencils long ago, which I received from a person I used to know.

Milani Photo Flash
The lip swatch was similiar to the Flashy, a tad gritty. Nothing major though for normal people, I’m just a tad too sensitive.

What was interesting about Photo Flash, was that it wasn’t as glittery as Flashy was. So it didn’t settle into lip lines as much as Flashy, and well just felt a little better overall.

For more on the pencil check out the post I created for Flashy

Milani Photo Flash
I think this was like, 1, 3, 5 swipes (top to bottom) on the hand…

Milani Lip Flash
You can kind of see the glitter in this picture a little more…

Milani Photo Flash
Milani Photo Flash
The top swatch is Photo Flash, while the bottom is Flashy. I was happy I was able to capture the glitter better in these two shots.

And finally…

I placed my order for my IMATS Toronto Ticket!

Just put in my order for my @makeupartistmag #imats #toronto ticket :) have u? Prices go up on the 15th!

I was waiting to see if I could be made an exception for the IMATS Press Pass, but haven’t heard. Which is fine, so I placed my order :) This will be my 4th IMATS Toronto Chapter, and I am excited!

I hope to have my possible “to buy” items on the blog soon, just as I did last year. Just need to get pictures done for stuff I haven’t posted.

Anyway, it is Saturday, so I hope that you all enjoy your weekend!

(PS happy birthday to my friends M and LS. Hope this new year of life treats you well :))


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