On gloomy days…

…you might need a pick me up, in the form of colourful eyes~

I did these awhile back, but seeing as the days are getting gloomy, might need to try it out again.
I took them in the slight shade, so they aren’t as pretty as they really were, but its good enough!

This was a pain, as I didn’t realize that the lash was falling off. I had to use a toothpick to reattach them…and nearly poked out my eye. Was a tres weird experience.
Here I used Annabelle single shadow in Goddess, and use Annabelle Mono shadow in Fantasy (LE). You can see Fantasy in my MUFE palette post. It is the second column, second row (or click HERE).

The purple is the Annabelle Pigment in Vivid Violet, and smeared the Green Annabelle Smoothie in Absynthe-minded (and then lightly patted Rainforest on top).

The deer have been desensitized to people on campus. I was a metre away  and it didn't run...
And I leave you with this picture of a deer. There used to be a lot on campus, but the campus has changed over the last 5 years. Now with more traffic (in terms of people walking about), the deer are a rarity. Unfortunate as it was fun to watch them.


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