Happy Thanksgiving Everyone~

(I thought I pressed “publish” last night. Clearly I was lacking in sleep >_<)

Hi all,

Hope that you have all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend, and just generally was filled with laughs and good times.

I have had to barricade myself to my room, as I have a few papers due this week, not to mention a test for a class I am very weak in. I'm actually still pretty worried about it, but it is on Friday, so I am hoping that I will be able to pull it off.

Anyway just wanted to share a few pictures that I took and posted on Instagram over the week. I've been stalking Instragram for pictures of Turkey. My family decided not to do Turkey this year, as they all had their own things. I love Turkey, so was a shame for me. Maybe I will just cook one for the heck of it xD

It's nice right now... #campus
Another shot from the UTM campus. Directly ahead of the picture, is the library. Again that was another buidling that didn’t quite exist when I first started my undergrad. Can you believe there still isn’t enough places for us to study??

If you've wanted to try @annabelletweets itransformer, now would be a great time :)
I was out at SDM, and found the Annabelle sets! You get a pigment, and a new iTransformer. Quite a deal, so if you always wanted to check out a mixing medium type of deal, I suggest you check it out.

It gets really hot, but if there is a space available, I like to come here to study. Heavily #filtered to show how I see it    #magical xD #campus
This is the view from one of the new buildings at UTM. This building didn’t exist when I first started my undergrad few years back, but thankful for the new addition.

Went to the #Ardene Depot in #Mississauga, west of Dundas&Dixie. Picked up two short boots 2/$10. Cheap but I like #cheapthrills
There is a new Ardene outlet/depot on Dundas, just west of Dixie road. Its big, kind of like the Ardene Shoe outlet size at Orfus. There are a lot of deals to be had, and well for me it was the shoes. Just simple, cheap, but they are decent for my use.

Study snack #Vietnamese #sandwich #yum
My family went out for Pho Dinner in Mississauga Sunday night, as my brother was back home. Mom wanted to pick up Vietnamese sandwiches, so after we ordered we made a quick trip over. Haven’t had them in awhile, so I got 3, and saved one to eat today during my cramming session.


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