How many times will you attempt a DIY thing?

See…I hate going to get my hair cut.

But you see, if I do something and it doesn’t turn out right, for some reason I can deal with that much better than if someone screws it up.

Thus this video comes in handy.

Basically the woman is a Hair Designer. She went on this Korean show called StarKing, and demonstrated a few things.

Mom had actually seen this episode and called me over, telling me to try it out next time. She was actually following the actions that the woman was doing on her hair lol

Anyway the point it…

I tried, I tried doing the side bang thing.


I failed. LOL I don’t know how you could, as it should work…and seeing as other people have been able to replicate it…but for some reason it didn’t turn out well for me.

That was a really long time ago.

I had tried again to do the side bangs…

yup, I failed again! What the!

So I gave up.

The next trip I made to my hair lady, I got full bangs.

I wasn’t that satisfied with them, as they weren’t as thick as I would have liked them to be, but that is the fault of my hair in general, rather than my lady.


Yesterday I had this genius idea…

“I’ll try again!”

Ooops I did it again…

I played with my hair, and got lost in the game…

As I am typing, I can see my bangs, and how…odd they look, but what can you do? lol

Gotta deal with it until they grow out again.

Actually I am due for a proper cut, I assume my lady might scold me again for playing with my hair lol


So how many times will attempt to do something for yourself, until you realize that enough is enough, and stop?


2 thoughts on “How many times will you attempt a DIY thing?

  1. Thanks for sharing this video! It was quite interesting to watch. I dislike getting my haircut as well so I’m debating whether to give this a try. lol hopefully it will work out and I don’t end up looking like a disaster.

    • Well good luck CL xD
      If anything, I think you could cut it just a little lower than your nose, and then trim it a bit more if you want.
      But I am no pro, so it is only an assumption

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