Fun times being Flashy…

(Yowza! It’s already October! Soon it will be IMATS Toronto…and Halloween…and…then snow! xD)

Introducing a fun lip crayon from Milani, Flashy. It was rather a fun experience as I have always wanted to try them out, just not at the nearly $10 price we pay in Canada. This is mainly cause it is so flashy (haha). Luckily I make it a habit to troll the clearance sections of all stores, and scored this one for under $5.

Milani Flashy

Milani Flashy

Milani Flashy
(Chock full of glitter)

They can be found on the Milani website HERE
But for us Canadians, you can order from Cherry Couture HERE, or find it at select Fortinos, Walmart, or Superstore.

Milani Flashy
(I really need to remember to take inner arm shots. The hair grosses me out lol -____-)

Milani Flashy

Milani Flashy

Here’s my take on the crayon.
First, I do love lip crayons. I am not that skilled at using a brush, and applying straight from a tube of lipstick just doesn’t make my lips look nice. Yet for some reason, I can be somewhat satisfied when I use a lip crayon. Maybe it is the whole rounded tip thing. Anyway, I have fallen in love with lip crayons, and this really is no exception.

No weird scent to my Flashy crayon. Though it was quite soft, I did my lips, and I could see the dent I made in the product. As with my other lip crayons, to preserve the rounded tip, I line with the tip, and fill in with the side. Helps when I want to be more precise. I personally found it a bit tacky, unlike many others. That would be a slight downfall, as every time you move your lips, you are reminded that you do have something on them. Could be a good thing, in my case at least, cause that reminds me not to lick my lips xD

Wear wasn’t bad. Was moisturizing enough not to feel dry, but wasn’t as if it was fully moisturizing my lips for me. By 2.5hrs, some of the glitter had settled into my lip lines, so had to remember to press my lips together to try and even it out again. I did touch it up by about 3.5hrs. I wish my pencil didn’t give such a powerful result, as I like some of the results others have gotten. Might try and layer it over a balm to sheer it out a bit.

I would say do make sure your lips are fully prepped to wear this. I can see the glitter sinking into the find lines of the lips if you don’t prep them before hand. You will also want to keep the crayon near by, just in case. I also found it best to seal it with some sort of gloss, if you are just going out (dancing or such). Helps it from settling into lip lines too quickly.

Another tip I read about on many blogs, was to freeze the pencil before sharpening it. As I mentioned, the pencil is kind of soft, so it could get really messy.

It apparently has a dupe, which you can check out from Temptalia’s page HERE

You can check out further swatches HERE on Google Images, and more reviews at MUA HERE


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