Mini Escape to Barton Hill, Lewiston

Barton Hill Hotel & Spa
100 Center Street
Lewiston, New York 14092


The last week of August, I hopped across the border, to spend a night at Barton Hills Hotel & Spa.

I had claimed a deal through Jaunt, and went with 3 other friends.

The location is quite lovely. It is relatively close to the village, that has CVS, Riteaid, Tops, and other lovely looking restaurants, and attractions to visit.


The Hotel itself is right on the water (few minute walk to the actual water), where you can fish, or just sit on a few of the donated bench swings.

Parking isn’t the best, as their lot is quite small, 20 cars(?), but luckily you can park on the road just out front of the hotel.

The interior is beautiful as well. The lobby/first floor had a mix of different details, from chairs to vases. As well as a piano, and a miniature house (furnished with working lights). The locations provided free wifi, which was of decent speed, and was fairly clean throughout the place.

Lobby/Reception Area

Miniature House

We stayed, in what I believe was the Riverbed Retreat, not a 100% sure as I didn’t pay attention to the door plaque.

The room was divided into two sections, the first being a sitting area with a couch that apparently turns into a pull out bed. And a bathroom, with a deep tub, and a separate shower. The second part of the room was the bed, a desk, a chair, flat screen TV, and a electronic fireplace.



View from our room

I liked the little detail of having a iPhone speaker doc. It was convenient for me to charge my phone, and play music.

The carpeted hall outside our room

Spa Reception Area is different from the Mani/Pedi area

We got the Spa Pedicure. The ladies were nice, and ours made sure to keep checking in, ensuring that we were okay during the session. They had a variety of polishes to choose from, and well it was an interesting experience. I would suggest that you make sure that your nails are trimmed correctly after the session though. I guess because of the way my toenails are shaped (very curved), she missed clipping to the end. So I had a sliver of my nail that wasn’t cut, and eventually dug into my skin. Got quite painful after a bit (about a day), which is when I noticed it >_<. It has been a month, and my pedicure still looks good, despite the growth. No chipping, just growth. That is great for me. It is a tad expensive at $55+ 20% tip.

Dining Room

Here are some of the issues I did have.
My main issue was with their dinner menu. Aside from taste, which…could have been better in my opinion, was the fact that certain main ingredients weren’t listed. Now I don’t know how most people would think, but when I read “Tropical Salsa”, I have no idea what that entails. Surely I wasn’t thinking that one of the foods I was allergic to would be included in it.


So here is how it went down.

(Shrimp Arugula $20US)

(Steak Pasada $19US)

(Poached Salmon $21US)

Food got to us, and my friend H caught a whiff of her plate, declared it a little spicy for her liking. I looked at my plate, and noticed the pineapples. Already I wasn’t happy. I don’t like pineapples in meals. Dessert and snacks are okay, just not in my main dish. This just goes along the fact that I don’t like my main meals sweet. So already seeing that, I wasn’t a happy camper. I was going to eat it, when H suggested we switch. I was so grateful that she suggested it, and happily passed my plate over. My plate looked great, but not great enough that I would endure eating a sweet meal.

Now that I had her plate, I had fun eating. Though “fun” is putting it nicely.

It was only after H’s second bite, that she said, “It’s a good thing we changed. There’s mangoes in here.”


And sure enough, there were mangoes in the meal.

As I have already mentioned, I am allergic to mangoes. Not severely, but enough that my mouth goes numb, and I start breaking out in hives. The thing is, I wouldn’t have even know I had eaten mangos until it was too late. I would have just been…”Hmm…interesting, I guess the spices are a little strong for me. I’ve lost feeling of my tongue and lips. Oh crap, something is wrong with my body. Oh dear…WHAT THE HELL WAS IN MY MEAL?!!”

I was not happy.

I was so unhappy I needed to make this known, so when our server came over, to ask if everything was okay, I told her no. In fact I was not okay. The menu had no indicated major parts of the meal, which yes, I do think that mangoes are part of, as it was splashed over the meal. I got a small apology and that was it.

On a side note, friend said that she was surprised she could even eat the salmon. I hadn’t known, but she doesn’t usually eat salmon! So it was alright in that sense.

Mussel dish (which I didn’t get a picture of) was a little bland, but apparently the Shrimp Arugula dish was awesome. My Unni friend was on a very strict diet, and it was the only thing on the menu that she could consume (she removed the thinly sliced cheese that came with it). She ate the happiest out of the four of us.

Another issue was the room.
Well to be accurate, it was the room above our room.
I had taken a lovely bath in their tub, and had settled in the for night. Unfortunately I was awoken at 5:07am (I woke up PISSED which is why I know the time), to the sounds of heels shoes walking across the room above me. Now. First off I was under the assumption that all rooms were carpeted (and what was confirmed to me when I checked out). This was CLEARLY not the case, as it was like a horse was trotting above us. It would not have been the same sound had it been carpeted. It would be more of a muffled thump, but this was clearly a higher pitched click. Anyway, this person, would come around to the bed area, and then to the bathroom area…only to repeat it every so often. Every so often in this case, was every 5 mins. I tried to block it out and sleep. But it kept going. It was 5:40 when I was fed up, so I yelled towards the ceiling, quite loudly, “Take off your damn shoes you moron! Its freaking 5 in the morning!” As the the walls are quite thin, I figured that would be enough to catch their attention. It seemed that way…for 10 minutes, Which is when it started up again.

This went on until 7:15.
After I had a full on headache from the noise disturbance.

So avoid getting booked into room #302 at all costs. My friends in the room beside us didn’t notice the sounds.

Another was the fact that the walls were so thin. The TV could be heard, muffled, but still heard through the walls. We could hear noises from the Dinner Room, which was directly below us, and from the patio outside beside us. But those noises aren’t as bad as the ones from the trotting horse upstairs. I know that some noise should be expected, as the building is a historic part of the town…but…I wasn’t used to that at all.

Lastly. One thing I truly believe they should do is give us all the coupons at one time. They gave us the spa and dinner voucher first. Then we had to go back to get the casino vouchers. Then we SHOULD have gone down to get the Fashion Outlet Mall vouchers, but COMPLETELY forgot as we wanted to start the day early. I mean it was only $10 for each pair, but it was still ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to keep going to get them. It really gets annoying. Plus if we had them all at one, we wouldn’t have forgotten.

So to sum up.
Had I been able to sleep properly, and had the meal I had originally wanted (without the mango), I might have had a decent experience. Their breakfast, despite some reviews where it was said it was horrible, was surprisingly quite good. Yogurt, bread, fruit, juices, coffee (skip the coffee, cause it was pure water when we went. Or try a little first), pastries, and this delicious egg that was popped inside this bacon cup. Truly amazing was that bacon egg thingy. The staff was generally nice, though some of the summer temps were a little loud in the back kitchen, but was interesting to hear some of the gossip. Would I say that it was worth the regular price? Well probably not. I would have been far more upset had I paid that price. But it was an experience, so I guess I’ll just keep hanging on to that fact.


4 thoughts on “Mini Escape to Barton Hill, Lewiston

  1. The view looked awesome, sorry the experience went down from there. I can’t believe the heel noise at 5am, you should have just called reception to complain, not mentioning the food. It sucked that you went all the way there and it turned out bad

    • yeah, the view was absolutely gorgeous. Especially down by the mini pier.
      I did make a complaint afterwards, but they didn’t seem to care.
      So I brush my hands off to an unfortunate experience, and not bother to go back again >_<

  2. Awesome view, but shitty service. That is unfortunate. Its hard with those group deals. You want a deal, but it is a hit or a miss.

    Anyway I’ll keep that in mind for this place if I ever see it on the deal site again

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