Putting those coloured liquid liners to use!

So who has coloured liquid liners they just don’t get enough use of?

*Throws hand up in the air*

I love getting coloured liquid liners (or gel liners), but just don’t get enough wear out of them. Well Funny Face Beauty has a challenge she does, and its vowing to use products for a month. Well I haven’t been using them all month, but it has been a goal of mine to get more use out of them.

Double Liner
(oh those darn eye wrinkles…need to be more gentle…I’m too young to have wrinkles! [who am I kidding -___-])

I opted to use double line, as the coloured liner alone just doesn’t give my eye the definition I want, without shadow (trying to be minimal about my routine, as I wake up early).

Double Liner
Double Liner
Double Liner

Lucky, the Urban Decay liner, has been discontinued, but I wanted to get a few more uses before I chuck it. I have also been using my Gosh Liners that I got when they were clearing out a few colours. Always a fun time using those.

You could also use those shadows you don’t get much use out of, by using a liquid medium. I use MAC’s Mixing Medium, or Misshas Magic Eyechange. If you can’t get to those, you also have the Annabelle’s iTransformer option, new to the market, and about $10.

Anyway, that’s just one way I have been trying to use products I normally don’t use…and it’s been fun. Having a monolid, it doesn’t really show, unless I blink, sleep (not in lectures *shifty eyes*), or look down. However you can see a little fleck of colour in the corner, and it’s nice to have.

Its finally Wednesday folks!
I cannot wait for the weekend. I have a mini paper due on Friday, but lets hope that I get Descartes message down pat, and I’ll be good to enjoy my weekend after 11:59pm Friday xD

Have a great mid-week-day!


2 thoughts on “Putting those coloured liquid liners to use!

  1. Wrinkles? What wrinkles.. o_O

    I need to do this more often to use up my liners.. I think it’s because I’m still horrible with those UD applicators that I don’t. LOL

    • Haha they are there. I actually dot know what’s going on, as they weren’t this prominent a few months back. I’m hoping it’s just lack of proper hydration…

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