Ladder Leather Workshop with Meya

So I mentioned Ladder Leather awhile ago, but I didn’t have pictures. I wanted to take the time to show you in a few pictures, the process in making my own leather animal key-chain, during one of Ladder Leather workshops.

As I mentioned in THIS post, Meya is a friend I met during my time at George Brown. It was during that time, she has made so many lovely items for gifts and for orders, for people around me. I had wanted to make something, so I got to participate in her workshop.

There are many different animals/sealife you can create with her, she has a lot of patterns to choose from, so really deciding is one of the harder things to do.

So once you have selected which figure you want to create, you can cut it out yourself, or if Meya has some on hand, can use a pre-cut form.

The appropriate dyes are set out on the table.

You are given finger tip gloves, and a brush to create your leather figure masterpiece.

Her Giraffe sample…

Here the guy is working on a sheep key-chain. He was using metallic white paint.

Water bowl to clean your brush, little bowls to dilute your colouring.


Painted, and outlined.

Meya showing me how to add in the hair details…

and then I got too absorbed into creating my giraffe that I couldn’t take more pictures.

Basically we worked on adding the spots (which I wasn’t satisfied with in my giraffe), adding the eyes, and then tying string onto the figure so that we could then attach a key-chain ring to it.

We also had the opportunity to punch out another shape from leather, stamp it with whatever letters we wanted and then hook it on to the key-chain as well. On my giraffe it is a green heart, with “e” and a star motif after it.

After you colour the leather, you need to then moisturize it, so that it helps to seal in the colour, then apply a finishing coat of some other sealer. I actually don’t remember what it was called, but it gives your piece the shine that it needs.

It doesn’t need a lot of time to dry, but we strung our keychains on a brush.

Cute huh?

You can check out the Etsy store HERE,, but she had a bunch of other things that she creates, that isn’t available on the website. You can also check them out in person by going to Kensington Market. They have a little table outside one of the stores on Sundays.


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