Putting my Naked pigments to some use…

I had a bit of time last night, before heading out to a friends Birthday thing, so I figured I’d play with my pigments. They just don’t get enough love, as I have only transferred a few of my MAC pigments into pill containers (as seen HERE). I really should get on that, then I COULD get more use out of them.

Anyway, the point is, I figured I would use my Naked Cosmetics Rainforest Pigment Stack. This was given to me by a blogging friend, who bought it at IMATS. You can read more about that HERE.

Well, I wanted to do green, as I have this fondness for green looks.

Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics
I used:
Annabelle Cosmetics Smoothie in Absinthe-Minded
MAC Pigment Antique Green
Annabelle Cosmetics Shadow in So Foxy
– Annabelle Cosmetics Shadow in Buff Naked
– Naked Cosmetics Rainforest Stack in #2 and #6
– MAC Mixing Medium that I decanted into a smaller container. Easier to manage

I applied UDPP all over the lid. Smudged out Absinthe-Minded over it. I mixed #6 and the Mixing Medium, then applied to the 2/3 of the other part of the eye. I then added #2, dry, in the inner 1/3 of the eye. I wanted to darken out the outer part a bit, so I added Antique Green, and then lightly outlined the outer part with So Foxy.You can’t really see the So Foxy, but that was the point I guess…like it would define it a bit more, but not in your face…yes…I meant it that way. I lined my eyes with a black eyeliner, and added lashes (Mesmoreyes 218 I’ve gotten many uses out of these. But I think they are on their last run. I messed it up when I cleaned them today >_<).I lined the lower lid with Antique Green, wet. I think it turned out alright. I need to remember to try and blend wet pigments immediately, as it got really difficult to blend when it was dry.

Looks using Naked Cosmetics

Looks using Naked Cosmetics

Then today (Saturday), I needed to spend some time at the library (I didn’t last long as I am feeling…under the weather). As I was feeling, Blah, I figured I would do my face before heading out. I wanted to wear Milani Rose Hip, so needed to keep the eyes on the downlo.

Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics
– Naked Cosmetics Rainforest Stack #4
Naked Cosmetics Blushing Bronze Stack #4
Milani Rose Hip
Annabelle Buff Naked
– Gosh Cosmetics eyeshadow shimmering & waterproof stick in Love that Beige (? I think, can’t remember)
– MAC Plush Lash

I smudged Love that Beige over the lid, applied RF#4 wet to the lid. I then pat on BB#4 on the inner part of the eye. I find that wearing on the inner corner makes it more wearable, than applying it on the outer (at least for me). I used Buff Naked to blend out the edges. Slapped on a pair of lashes, and added the Plush Lash in brown. You can’t really tell, but I lined the lower lid with RF#4. Not too crazy, couldn’t really see the colours cause I didn’t go high enough. But it helped to keep things more on the natural level, allowing me to add the pop of colour when I slapped on Rose Hip.

Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics
Looks using Naked Cosmetics

I have a empty palette coming to me soon, so maybe I will press pigments…but I have been saying that for YEARS now, so…we will see.

Hope you all have a great weekend~

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