Old Park Lane…

Filler posts. How I gotta love you.

A few weeks back I needed to pick up a gift card from Sephora. I strolled about and noticed that there was a Nails Inc polish on sale. Seeing as it was pretty in the bottle, and only $5, I couldn’t resist.

That is how Old Park Lane came home with me that night.

It was my first polish of Nails Inc, so I was excited.


After application, it just looked so pretty.
But it lacked shine.

Though the easy fix is to buff my nails, I didn’t like how it emphasized my nail ridges. (As per the usual, please try and ignore the state of my cuticles…I’ll remember one day…I hope -____-)

Also it chipped within the first day! I was a tad annoyed with that part (wonder if I got a dud). Had I bought this for regular price, it would have promptly gone back. But I love the colour…so it stays in my stash for the time being.

Have you tried Nails Inc?
Does it last decently on you?


Happy Birthday to three of my friends AK, JH, and DK.

Hoping that this new year in life is a great one :)


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