Oh IMATS, I just can’t stay away from you…


After my first Toronto IMATS, every year I start to think…”I should probably pass this year…”

But it doesn’t happen that way!

I brought it up again over gelato with @babybubblz and @watercoloursky, and after the mini chat, I knew I had to go again. Also doesn’t help that I have people mentioning it on twitter as well xD

In the end though, it’s a good thing really, as I do enjoy the IMATS. The learning that happens, the fun industry that really welcomes you, no matter if you are just a spectator like me.

The Schedule isn’t out yet, which makes sense, as it is still super early.


But the general exhibitors list is available HERE. Personally I am excited for Bdellium Tools, Cinema Secrets/SKS, Lit Cosmetics (gorgeous glitters), Make Up For Every (MUFE), Naimies (CoverFx is sold here in previous years), Nigel Beauty Emporium, OCC (new lip tar packaging), and Velour Lashes. I will have my list going up in a few weeks, and will include these brands. Stay tuned!

P1010515 copy


The student competition is always amazing to watch. You see the work that goes into their creations over the time period given.

Fun fact: did you know that the Beauty/Fantasy competition is given 2 hours, whereas the Character/Prosthetic competition is given 3 hrs? Even after 3 years of attending, I didn’t know it was so little time!

You can read up a little more on the Student Competition HERE, and you can check out some of the pictures in the gallery.

You can buy tickets online HERE for $30 Canadian. I do believe, like previous years, they do go up in price as the date gets closer.

I have my own coverage from previous years 2009 Saturday, 2010 Saturday, 2010 Sunday Student Competition, and 2011 Saturday.

*All previous events were attended with tickets purchased with my own money. I go as I am addicted to the browsing, learning, and gawking at the skills presented :D


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