A look at the Apieu lip duo…

I got this a long long time ago, from my dear Unni friend DA. She gifts me with things I haven’t used before, so I was delighted to receive this. Thanks Unni, and sorry I only got around to using it somewhat recently >;_<;

I have a lot of lip products to go through, so things usually stay in the box until I can use it. This was one of them.

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo

So introducting Apieu's Nature Floral Tint Gloss Duo in #5 Coral Peach (어퓨 네이처 플로랄 틴트 글로스 듀오 (05호 코랄피치) )

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo

Not sure where this can be found, may be online only in Korea, as I could never find it in stores. Anyway you can find it online HERE (in Korean…) for about $4CAN. There are 8 different kinds, but mine is number 5, orange and reddish gloss combination.

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo

You can find more pictures on Google HERE

There are these complex thingy’s that are included in it. Flower (Rosemary, Hibiscus, Safflower) and Berry (Bear Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry). Don’t ask me what that means. I’m too lazy to try and translate the Korean info. Sorry.

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo
Doe-foot applicator

So basically what you do is you use the tint on your lips first, then when you have your desired look, you seal it in with the gloss. Not to hard to get right?

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo
I probably should have waited a bit more before I smeared out the tint. But the far left is the tint stain, then the tint, then the gloss.

As with most tints that I have (Balmshell, Benetint…) the tint is bitter. Meh, just don’t lick your lips!

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo
I applied the tint to the lower left part of my lip. Which is why it stands out more.

Apieu Nature Flower Tint Duo
Here I slicked on another layer of the tint, pressed my lips together and slapped on the gloss. Which is again why the lower left side stands out more.

I liked that this duo is small enough for the bag, but has the essentials that one would need. It also helps that I have fallen into the orange phase, so was a bit of a staple during this summer. If these guys were more readily available to me, I would probably get more. At this point though, it may need to wait til next spring >_<

Other interesting products from the brand…
Something that looks like Whimsical BL01
Twinkle Glitter EP04
Purple Color Harmony Blush


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