This and That…

This is just a mini sum up of my August favourites. I’ve seen a lot of people do this, and always wanted to participate…but it’s always hard to pick favourites.


So let’s start with the right side, which focuses more on the face.
Sponge that I bought from online. Not too bad. I can totally understand why people love using the Beauty Blender. Definitely made my mornings easier when I used this with my foundations, and with my BB cream. Cleaning it was a bit of a pain, but it is worth it.
– Seeing as we have seen a lot of humidity this summer, add to the fact that I have been to a few weddings, AND had to survive the Chicago humidity, Liquiset has been a life saver. Or rather a facesaver! I spritzed a bit into my palms, and then patted it on to my face. Keeps things in place, and allows me to take a breather from worrying whether my face would be melting down my neck.
– I had a mini tube of Skin Prep FX that was going to expire in July. Yeah. I’m bad. It was full and new…so I had to use it. So I religiously used it night and day. I did feel that it was a wee bit premature for me to use this…but you know what, it went well with my routine (simplified everything). It was smooth, and didn’t clog my pores. It was just what my skin needed, without making me wake up as if I slapped my face in a vat of oil.
Ecotools Bronzing brush FINALLY made its way into my life. I found it for clearance at a Rexall ($7…not much of a clearance…). Its a pain waiting for it to dry, as it is quite dense, but as I have no brush like it, it has been quite lovely to use. It really works well to blend anything in to my face nicely. If you ever feel like spending about $10, you should really check this out.
Annabelle Smoothie has made several appearances. Check that out HERE
Annabelle TwistUp in Royale. I got this from the event in June, and it has been a lovely colour to use during August. Maybe have scared my kids a little with the colour, but I liked it. I personally like them because they are moisturizing, more so than the Revlon one’s (that one…though I love the stain, is crazy dry on me O__o).
Carmex has been a major help for me, especially when I want to use it with the very drying lip product I mentioned above. I slap on before I go to bed, and slap on a new layer as I get out of the shower. Then my lips are ready to tackle the Revlon Balms. My mission is to get the other kinds that Carmex has available in the US. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check it out HERE
MAC Pigment in Jardin Aires You can see more swatches on Google HERE, but it is a lovely hint of colour for the summer. The shimmer is just lovely. I usually used this over Benefit’s Creaseless Cream in Birthday Suit.
– Lastly we have Revlon Butters in Candy Apple. When I didn’t want to go too vampy with Royale, I liked to slap on Candy Apple. I could sheer it out with an additional balm, or go more opaque to a night out (not that I had many of those in August -___-)

My Winner’s in the westend (Cloverdale Mall) is trying to be more organized…






I was at SDM and saw this display. But was caught off guard, as something was off with the nails…

What do you think? Did someone accidentally miss something during quality check, or do you think it was done on purpose?



4 thoughts on “This and That…

    • lol I’m glad someone else thinks so as well xD
      And I took these at Cloverdale, bordering the Etobicoke and Mississauga liner on Dundas.

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