Favourites Day 5: Smoothies!

I double dare you to look at the Google search images, and NOT feel a little tug of want xD


I’ve mentioned them a few times…HERE…and HERE…and HERE. Oops, can’t forget HERE as well.

I mentioned before that I had shunned the Smoothie after my slightly disappointing experience with Licoriche.
I know it was bad of me to push it away, especially only after using one colour, but I did.

Now it is my go to liner, or rather multiuse pencil.

I smudged out the bottom part of the line. Just FYI on that.

You see, it was the matte Licoriche formula that didn’t agree with me. The other shimmery ones were just perfect for my oily lids in the humid weather.

So the three you see there, have been a staple for me for the summer months.

Annabelle can be found at various locations in Canada, as well as online


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