Favourites Day 3: I plug my nose…and dive into the store…

That store would be Lush .

I have always been quite sensitive to smells. A pain really. One of the reasons why I would hold my breath and run through the cosmetic/perfume sections of department stores.

It is also another reason I do try and avoid the H&M entrance of the Eaton Centre.

If you frequent the area, you may know the powerful smells that waft from the Lush store. I’m not saying they are bad, but with so many different scents, and with such strength…I usually can’t handle going it.


That is…except to buy Coal Face.

I’ve bought small slabs of the stuff, a few times over the years (you can check out my first post on it HERE), and I try to always keep it stocked in the freezer. I don’t use it every day, but enough that it is a staple for me (along side Green Beavers Grapefruit cleanser).

I cut it up in to chucks, and store it in the freezer until I need it.

Plus if you like glitter, you can see the cool shimmers in the soap when you use it xD

The MUA reviews are pretty up and down. You will hate it or love it. Luckily I fit more in the latter grouping.


4 thoughts on “Favourites Day 3: I plug my nose…and dive into the store…

    • Hey jellykiss~

      Well I hope so! I read it on a forum or another blog. They had suggested it. Made sense to me so I did it as well. I haven’t Noticed any issues when I do, so hopefully it is okay xD

  1. Before I worked at LUSH I would always avoid the stores too. Now I can’t really smell the stuff unless I pick it up and hold it close to the face. Got used to it. :)

    Love Coalface as a deep cleanser. If you ever need to get something really clean use coalface.

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