Favourites Day 2: MLBB lippies

So, it still escapes me that I would still search for MLBB lipsticks, even after my two favourite ones that I will soon mention…but I do. Its a sickness I tell you!

Favourites MLBB lippies

I took these awhile back, almost a year ago, and seeing it would be a waste not to feature the other two, I’m going to mention them as well.

Lets start with my favourites.

Favourites MLBB lippies
That would be the two middle ones: Benefit Lady’s Choice (my second tube) and Vasanti’s Sweden

Favourites MLBB lippies

They even out my lips, and just give it a bit more of a “kick” that coiffed look.

The Benefit and Vasanti were nearly indistinguishable, so basically if you have one, you really don’t need the other. However, Benefit is just a tad more pink than Vasanti. So if that makes a difference for you, then go for it. On my lips I really couldn’t tell the difference between the two, so might as well leave it at that.
If you are going by moisturizing, well I didn’t really have issues with either. I do like Lady’s Choice. I find that once applied it doesn’t slip all over the place, and yet isn’t so waxy/hard that my lips are wanting a break from it. Vasanti was the same in the sense that there was no major issues that I had from it.
I couldn’t tell if they feathered really as they fit well with my lips, and again, were approximately MLBB status.

Value wise
Benefit $19
Vasanti $15, but I bought during Rexall’s BOGO lip products sale.

Favourites MLBB lippies
I have Lady’s Choice and Sweden alternating, and you can see on my skin that it is so similar, that they are a little hard to tell. (The darker/slightly more pinky one is Sweden).

Benefit can be found at Murale, Sephora

Vasanti can be found at Rexall, some SDM locations, and online.

Moving on to the other swatches.

Here we have Revlon and MAC. You can tell a difference in the swatches. One is much pinker than the other. I bought Soft Nude thinking that the hype made it worth it to get. However I didn’t take into consideration about my own complextion, and well…it didn’t work on me. It really washes me out and just makes me look sickly. This is where the MAC comes in handy. Yes it is still a little off, however because it is more pink, it is far more forgiving than the other one..at least for me.

In terms of what was more moisturizing, well I found that in this case the MAC did win out. I personally didn’t like the way that Soft Nude felt on my lips (though I do like wearing other Colorburst colours.) This may be biased though, as I already couldn’t stand the colouring. Oops lol

Price wise
MAC retails for $18, but I got it at the warehouse sale, so it was only $7.50
Revlon retails for $9ish, but I got it during Rexall’s 50% off lip products, so $5ish

Favourites MLBB lippies
On my skin tone, Shy Girl has more pink in it. Thus it is more wearable than Soft Nude for me. Score. Though I must confess I still don’t get enough use from this one as well -___-

Favourites MLBB lippies

Anyway, a year later, I was finally able to put these pictures to use xD

At least I eventually used them…right?? haha…


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