Favourites Day 1: Tarte

In order to organize and encourage myself to write…I needed to set a series for myself. So here begins my one week dedication to my favourite products!

Day one is dedicated to Tarte Amazonian Blush
You can find them at Sephora (which is where mine was purchased)
Exposed & Blissful

Favourites: Tarte Blush

Favourites: Tarte Blush
Favourites: Tarte Blush

Now these blushes are a tad pricey. They retail for us Canadians at $33. That to me is pricey. However I have no yet regretted the purchase. If only I could use up more of my blushes, I would talk myself into getting a few more xD

They do not last 12 hours on me, but I hardly need them to. But seeing as they still last the full time I need them to, (more than 6, less than 10) I feel that it is a product that my oily face is thankful for.

My small wish would be that the company would release a bunch of mini’s of their blush…that would make me a happy gal xD


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