A week in pictures…

Week in review
Week in review
(He has a gorgeous voice…I drooled when he sang Juniel’s song Illa Illa)
I started off the week, finishing up the last two episodes of 신사의 품격 (I loved this series, so if you like Kdrama’s I would suggest it.)

Week in review
Wore the Revlon Lip Stain thingy that I bought while I was in Chicago last month. My third time wearing it out. Personally I find that these guys are ridiculously drying on my lips. So I either have to seal it with a gloss, or make sure my lips pre-absorb a balm, prior to application. Even still I need to watch out during the day, or else my lips are flaking by the end.

Week in review
I found out that Dollarama (Canadian dollar store), isn’t a max of $2 anymore! They have a bunch of $3 items! O__O

Week in review
I went to Sally’s with the intention to buy a polish thinner…then stepped out with 6 polishes. In my defence, I bought them on clearance, 2/$3~!

Week in review
First time tie dying! My hands did not thank me afterwards, but it was a ton of fun.
You’d think that the darker colours were the worst when staining your hands, but yellow was by far the most persistent of them all!

Week in review
I did my nails in Essie’s Brazilliant

Week in review
My Vasanti Cosmetics Lipstick in Sweden snapped Friday morning. Sucks. Now have to look into making my own lip palette. Need to find a pill container I like first.

Week in review
I also got to make my first shrinky dink! (As a side note, did you know that Sugar Ray called themselves “Shrinky Dinxs” until they were threatened with a lawsuit? I’m thankful they changed their name…) I made a small nail polish bottle, and a tag with my online handle.

Week in review
Discovered Il Volo accidentally through Songza. I gotta say, I love this app. And even more thankful that I got more data for my phone.

Week in review
After a few runs in the wash, I think these won’t run any more. So here are the results of my tie dying with the kids this week.

Anyway that’s all from me today. I have a new series that starts tomorrow for 7 days. We will see how long I actually last >_<


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