Mini me! (well…not ‘me’ but in general…)

I am a huge sucker for mini products.

Like I mean HUGE sucker.

I drooled over the MAC mini’s of Fix+ and mineralized water.
Collected mini drink bottles.
Mini Benefit products

I want mini Tabasco Sauce that my friend posted on FB one day. There is also mini Heines Ketchup and Mustard somewhere as well.

I got an email, about these guys as well…a name that is quite known in the world.


Oh Mini Me...

You can see the mini’s here on the US website. They are not available on the Canadian website as of yet.

After some careful thought, I saw these at Walgreens when I was in Chicago last month. But I just assumed they were mini regular Vaseline containers.

These ones are labeled “Lip Therapy”, though in all truth, I don’t know what makes me special for lips. I guess when they are released, I can check it out then.

But in short, I know that there is one person who will enjoy the small size of this, other than myself…

…that would be my brother. He and I used to scoop out a bit of Vaseline into a small container to carry around with us. He doesn’t do that any more, but he has small Vaseline container, smaller than your palm, but in no way as small as this. I have seen the white tiny containers at dollar stores, but I found that the lids weren’t very secure. Which is why I have yet to buy them. Maybe these ones will be the winner to add to my mini stash…we shall see xD

Note: I received an email informing about the product. I had time, so I incorporated a mention in the blog, but was note paid to write/mention.


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