Oh how I miss Korean Phone Chargers…

Well I have no idea if this was specific to Korea, could be the same in Japan and China, but seeing as I experienced it first in Korea, I will write Korean.

Anyway, this comes up because lately I keep forgetting to take my iPhone cords with me, so I can charge my phone. Or I can’t find the cord. SUCH A PAIN!

Korean Phone Chargers...
Basically this is what happens.
You have a little piece for your phone, in this case the white piece, that detaches from the cellphone chain (as seen in the place two piece right below it). You then plus it into the universal cord, and charge up your phone.

Korean Phone Chargers...

Korean Phone Chargers...

Despite being all different, they all have a general similar side, that plugs into the universal cord.

Korean Phone Chargers...

So as long as you have your little piece, which can be attached to nearly anything, you would have a means to charge. A lot of malls had free charging available at the customer service desk. Plus you could usually find someone who did carry their cord.

Would make life easier, especially when there are so many people who don’t use the same phone as myself, or vice versa

That was my filler piece.
I hope I have some time to schedule a few posts for the upcoming week. Just in case I can’t, I hope Canadians are enjoying the Civic long weekend, and you are all having a great weekend so far ;)


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