Bourjois Brilliant Gloss

So many many many many months ago, Sparkled Beauty gifted me with my first Bourjois pieces.

It was a blue single shadow, and this gloss in Rose.


As it was my first, I was super excited to try it out. However I had/have lots of glosses in rotation and in my stash that I held back on. Months after that, I couldn’t help it, and swatched it. Then I stashed it away….until several months ago when I had pulled it out to use it.


First off, the gloss is quite nice. This is pretty sheer on me, but it has a bit of shimmer that I like, and doesn’t feel sticky.

The applicator is another thing that was interesting for me to experience. I have seen this on a lot of the Asian lip glosses, but not ones here. I actually like the paddle, as I can glob it on my lips if I wanted, or I can really carve a line on my lips. It just is fun to use.



These are priced around $20 according to their Canadian website HERE.

I was shocked when I saw that. Personally I would not buy it, as it is a little rich for my taste. The price tag also makes me far more thankful that Sparkled Beauty was able to snag these on such a great sale for me as a gift. Love when that happens :)

Have you tried it?
Should I think twice about the price?


One thought on “Bourjois Brilliant Gloss

  1. Aww, so sweet of you :) I didn’t try any Bourjois back then when I bought the stuff. I am shocked to know how much cheaper Bourjois is in the UK, it’s more like a drugstore brand there and prestige here

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