Black Purple EOTD from way too long ago…

Hello everyone!

I returned from my volunteer stint in Chicago. Unfortunately the experience I had working for this organization left me with such a bitter heart in the end. Working on trying to fix that, by focusing on the fact that because of us, parents were able to learn, grow, and prepare for their futures in the mission field.

In the end, the children made up for it. Such amazing kids, and just was a blast in that aspect, even if the other “volunteers” and weather did not cooperate.

Anyway, I am still recuperating from the lack of sleep, but as I start my Academic Camp today, further recovery will have to wait til this weekend.

Moving on, this little post has been sitting around for a bit. The pictures have been sitting about for even longer.

Something dark and Vampy.
Well it was considered Vampy for me!

Black shadow was DCed Annabelle Shadow Graffiti, and the Purple was one from the 88 palette. I applied the purple wet, and then darkened it up with the Annabelle, dry.
I did like how it looked…but it was a tad strong for me.



Notice that in the outer corner of my eye, shadow is missing?! That is due to very watery eyes…nothing sticks in that region >_<




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