Dufflet Cakes, a guilty pleasure of mine…

I was only introduced to Dufflet in the beginning of April. I had been walking about with a few friends from school, and decided to go back to her area to have desserts. We checked out a few places, but the price didn’t really appeal to us. That is until she remembered Dufflet was just around the corner from her apartment. We went over, and bought 3 different cakes for take out, and walked on over to Bellwood Trinity Park.

There…I declared I would consume as much of their cakes as possible, before our program was to end, and I would not be in need of a metropass.

I went as much as I could without feeling too guilty that I was indulging too much. But it was hard, as we loved to grab a slice and chat about our program, and our plans about what to do when we were done.

Anyway, I have enjoyed the cakes so much, I thought I should do a little feature :)

Established in 1975, by Dufflet Rosenberg (Queen of Cakes!), there are three locations in the GTA, I usually frequent the Queen St, but you can check out the two others HERE.

You can check out the Tour de Dufflet blog HERE and have some fun drooling over the pictures that are posted. Like their Cake of the Month specials. Omg…they always look awesome xD Or check out the main website HERE.

The three locations can be a little far for those in the Westend (like me located in Etobicoke, or further), but Artisano on Islington carries their cakes as well. Just might want to tell them not to drench the cake in chocolate syrup. I find that sometimes they go overboard on making it look pretty (it’s pretty enough!) and the syrup takes away from the taste.

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
Front of the store on Queen St.

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
I drool every time I stand in front of the window…

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
On the left side, you have a few knicknacs, cards and candles…

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
Just underneath it you have their Grab and Go section

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
View from the cake area. Lovely place to sit and enjoy a slice of cake with coffee/tea

Dufflet Cakes Queen St

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
More goodies…

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
Tiramasu, usually not a fan, but this one was light and fun to consume

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
This I LOVED. Was my first cake, and such a great experience. I think this was called the Raspberry Chocolate truffle? (I’ll get back to you, gotta check out their cake list)

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
Toffee Apple Cheesecake. This is my dear friend Meya’s favourite. This is the first thing she looks for when she goes into the store xD

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
I liked the fluffiness of this cake. Again I don’t know the name…

Dufflet Cakes Queen St
This one I picked up from the Eglinton location. I got it cause the colouring looked fun.

For the most part, when I go into the store, I just pick a cake and consume it. I don’t bother asking, except for asking if it has coconuts. Generally I have a great time eating them, so it just doesn’t matter what I get.

Currently they have cake Happy Hour from 2-6 on Wednesday, which just means cake is BOGO! So go check it out if you can :D

I just like eating their cakes, so I chose to write about it. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.


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